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Our school is a social place of learning with a strong identity. Interactive projects such as our cooking workshops, science workshops, vegetable gardens and weekly outings, give students plenty of opportunities to socialise and become active participants in their learning. These are all situations to be lived in first languages and second languages, which are an integral part of our linguistic device and play a significant role in it.


EFLP language courses are fully integrated. Each student builds plurilingualism and pluriculturalism day after day, across disciplines and through socialisation. All subjects are taught in French and English with workshop and extracurricular activities taught in French, English, and Lao.


EFLP recognises the necessity to establish a school in its host country and incorporate Lao language into the curriculum.


We have created a broad and engaging curriculum: we also pay attention day after day to students autonomy and initiative, mastery of information and communication technologies, health and Citizenship education. Our pedagogical device and the organisation of the school time constantly contribute to carry out these knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes according to the ages of the children.


EFLP welcomes foreign students in the french system offering them a large part of their proper curriculum taught in their first language. We construct for each child an individual plan considering his languages and cultural background but also his project of schooling in Laos. We build these courses with the families. From initiation to the intensive lessons, these linguistic devices all contribute to the development of a plurilingual and pluricultural competence acquired at different levels of control.


Our teachers are skilled in classes with students of different levels and have a proven experience in teaching abroad. They develop a pedagogy and content adapted to the context of our school and its environment. They are fully equipped to welcome and facilitate students of varying nationalities and first languages.


Multiculturalism is experienced by students through the intervention of native, qualified teachers, who convey their proper educational culture. All coexist in our weekly workshops, which again play in our device a significant role.


The early childhood years are vitally important for laying the foundations of being environmentally responsible now and  in the future. It is through the interactions with the environment that children shape their life long attitudes , values and patterns of behaviour towards the natural environment. EFLP provides ample opportunities for children to interact with their natural environment in order for them to develop respect and care for the environment.

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