The Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE) can provide schooling assistance in the form of scholarships to children of French families living abroad. These scholarships are proposed by local commissions set up at diplomatic or consular posts and awarded after the opinion of a national commission set up by the director of the agency.

To be eligible for AEFE scholarships, children must:

1. Be of French nationality and registered, or in the process of being registered, with the French Consulate;

2. Attend a recognised French educational institution and reside with their family in the country where the educational institution is located.

Scholarship campaigns open each December for the next school year.

How to apply:

In order to allow an optimal processing of your file, we strongly encourage you to return your completed file with the requested supporting documents before the end of each January.

Scholarship applications must be hand-delivered to a representative of the French embassy in Vientiane or during a special pre-arranged appointment at EFLP.


The application must be submitted within the deadlines set by the diplomatic or consular post. The scholarship application is only valid for the current school year. It must therefore be renewed each year. Moreover, it is independent of the child’s enrollment procedure in the school itself.

Information: https://la.ambafrance.org/Ouverture-de-la-campagne-de-depots-des-dossiers-de-bourses-scolaires-pour-l-3058

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