Teamwork at EFLP! Last week, it was escape game time! Cycle 3 students prepared an escape game for Cycle 2 students. This gave them a chance to work on their organization, thinking and planning skills. They prepared mathematical challenges and riddles for their classmates. They had to think about the difficulty of their questions so as not to lose the little ones, and then think about a coherent route through the class so as not to get in each other's way. Each group (there were 5) had different riddles and a different route.
The Cycle 3s were very stressed at the start, but had a great time. The cycle 2s were very strong: they managed to get out of the class unscathed!
The Cycle 3 students were so happy to prepare this work that they decided to organize a final escape game for the Cycle 4 students. They're determined to come up with some really tough puzzles!

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