During Sustainable Development Week, EFLP students voted to elect the delegates who will be responsible for EFE3D projects in the school. After obtaining our 'sustainable development' label in June, we are all highly motivated to bring this priority area of our school project to life. Shona, our EFE3D coordinator, will be inviting the delegates to meetings next week to discuss our future actions:
- discovering the 17 objectives defined by the UN,
- improving respect for the environment at school + raising awareness outside school,
- partnership with the Confluence association in Luang Prabang (sessions at school, outings to LP),
- respect for gender equality,
- launch of the AEFE global "sustainable tomorrow" project by cycle 3 students and dissemination within the school, 
- and many other ideas to come.
As parents/partners of the school, don't hesitate to submit your ideas to us to bring this citizen awareness to life, to protect our planet and guarantee a world that respects everyone for generations to come.

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