Cycle 3 students had their first escape game this week.
They arrived at school on Thursday morning to find the classroom in darkness and a message projected on the board:
Your scores were disastrous in math this year. Your parents have decided to enroll you in a math camp. This camp is organized by Professor Crazy. You soon realize that something is wrong, but your parents have already gone and left you with this madman.
He locks you in a room and you have one hour to escape, otherwise a bomb will explode.
Be efficient!!!
They had to solve math puzzles to find the code to get out of the classroom. They also had to read a message written backwards with the help of a mirror, decode a message with a Caesar wheel and work cooperatively.
Fortunately, they were able to find the code and escape the classroom in time!
They loved it and decided to build one for the Cycle 2 students. Get ready for it!

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